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LG’s Flexible E-Reader Newspaper Goes into Production (and in Color!)

Remember we told you about LG’s flexible newspaper that is like an Amazon Kindle that is flexible and also size of a real newspaper?  Well, LG is going into production with these futuristic e-readers and with color!

If this does come to the market (and I don’t doubt that it would), we should expect current e-readers to go obsolete in a few years.

Many e-readers use monochrome screens based on technology from E-Ink, but LG has been independently researching development of color e-paper, Jakhanwal said. LG in the past showed flexible color e-paper displays,

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South Korean Company LG, “Apple May Delay iPads”

Ironically only a day after I posted the South Koreans are practically going mad because they can’t get their hands on the latest iPhone 4, the South Korean company LG who supplies displays for iPads, announces they simply cannot keep up with iPad demands.

Of course, this probably has nothing to do with the fact that most South Koreans are “frustrated” at Apple for treating them like a 3rd world country, but you have to admit it’s ironic that this happene

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LG Optimus is LG’s First Android Phone with 2.2 Froyo!

LG, the South Korean electronics company who also specializes in smartphones, is finally launching their first Android-powered phone outside Korea, all with Google’s latest Android 2.2 Froyo.

I have always been a fan of LG’s phones since the 90s and it’s good to see them finally putting Android on their devices.  Certainly, this is going to add a slew of new great designs to already great Android smartphone market.

Man, last 7 months have been amazing since Google launched their Nexus One.  I think after Android 2.1 was introduced with the Nexus One

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LG to reveal its first Android phone ‘LG-KH5200


LG, the LCD/cellphone giant, reveals its very first Android phone at MWC 2010 in Spain, the LG-KH5200, which features a full QWERTY keyboard and HVGA (320×480 pixel) LCD screen.

I think this is a good start for LG. For one, I’ve been hearing from my Dad (who lives in South Korea most of the year) that Samsung and LG are planning to jump into Android fully this year. (or they have already)

As for the phone itself, I think it’s lacking for my tastes but I thin

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LG Develops Flexible Newspaper E-Reader!

I imagine one day we will have electronic newspapers instead of paper ones.  Well folks, LG is already making flexible newspaper E-reader.  I think this could be the next big thing.  I’ve seen slew of E-readers at CES 2010 that mimic the Kindle, I just don’t see a point in making e-readers the same but LG has done it.  Now newspapers can actually survive this digital-era, better start calling LG and start setting up some newspaper subscriptions.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> LG Display has developed the world’s largest flexible electronic-pa

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Wifi Video Phone with IEEE 802.16e support

Check out this cool new phone from LG that can you can place anywhere in your house to monitor stuff when you are away. It also supports IEEE 802.16e, which is basically wifi.

Here’s some more video phones you can check out:


LG KE850 – Similar to iPhone!

[gv data=”nxUDNOyjZIU”][/gv] Here’s a cool LG phone that is similar to the iPhone. Well, maybe this is a start of a new type of phones, with LCD face and touchscreen…

Two sparsely-buttoned large, touchscreen phones: the Apple iPhone, and the LG KE850 (which already won the International Forum Design Product Design Award for 2007). Separated at birth, or possible lawsuit number two for Apple? You decide

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Green LG Chocolate

Cool, the new LG Chocolate phone coming in green and red soon!

via crunchgear

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Pocket TV phone, this is not your ordinary pocket pc – LG LB6100

That’s right, you seen it here, the new slim pocket TV PHONE! Cyon, division of LG, has this neat TV phone, it’s not Wifi, it’s not tcp ip, it’s tv in real-time, wow, this is the real deal, TV via satellite on your phone!

Even my HTC 8125 will never be as this tight!

when will this be in the states? darn…. 😐

well we first need some satellite enabled networks first…

this thing is slim as a ra

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