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Robot Cupcakes!

Robot cupcakes look very “metallic”…

Flickr user and master cupcakist Hello Naomi (she of the fantastic Super Mario and Pac Man cupcakes) has outdone herself with these interchangeable robot cupcakes whose bodies, heads and legs can be swapped around.

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Human Powered Off-Road 4X4 – TrailCart!

Yey, a human powered off-road 4×4!  Can it go over big rocks though?

The Trail Cart: A permanent four-wheel drive “bike” for the true off-road masochist. Looking at the size of those tires, and the fact that you are powering all four of them with your legs, we’d suspect that this thing would takes thighs the size of hams to even start it moving. But a poke around the website shows the Trail Cart being ridden by some not-too beefy Germans (the Cart is made in Germany), and even one kid.


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DIY – How to Make Heater Pad from Scratch!


Here’s a good DIY on how to make your own heater pad from scratch with acetate. This should save couple bills for your next sking/snowboarding trip. I do prefer snowboarding of course, people in general are way more laid back. (no offense to you skiers…sorry about that last time I went between your legs at 60mph downhill and made you flip like a dog) :p

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Gorilla Pod – Your ultimate Camera Tripod


Remember David posted about this cool tripod?

We are still spitting out some stuff from the Maker Faire. Here’s a cool tripod for your camera called, gorillapod. It can adhere to any tree, pole, and other hard to reach surfaces. Awesome. Will they send us a sample?

The Joby Gorillapod

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