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Recommended Legos

Super Mario Bros in Legos! [Video]


This is indeed amazing, 1500 hours of moving legos and shooting photos.   Brilliant.

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DIY Wooden iPhone Stand!

Here’s a cool DIY wooden iPhone stand made from the wood in barrels!  Nice job.

“While I couldn’t top an 8-year-old with Legos (that kid is the next owner of Apple),” Holston told us, “I could try to create a wood iPod stand that fits with what I love about the iPod–simplicity in form and function that catches the eye.”

via cnet

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LEGO V8 Engine!


That’s right, someone decided to make a V8 engine out of Legos.

It’s not gonna run your car anytime soon but still, it’s a fantastic Lego project.

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DIY – Build your own Lego Furniture!

Lego furniture, COOL!!!

LunaBlocks. Like traditional Legos, these blocks come in a variety of colors and configurations—all you need to finish a project is some glass, a pillow or cushion, some creativity and loads and loads of disposable income.


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Wii DIY HACK – Wiimote Lego Tank Surveillance Robot


Cool nice little wiimote Robot…

This robot is composed of Legos and uses a handyboard as the control hardware. It has 4 wheel drive each controlled by a lego motor, and a pan tilt mount for directing light and the video camera. The Wii Remote talks to a MacBook Pro over bluetooth to modified DarwiinRemote software, and the computer in turn communicates with the robot over a serial port. This robot was designed for and used in a small scale demonstration of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) as an assignment in Intro to Robotics at

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Steam powered R2D2!


Cool, check out the steam powered R2D2 that also got some servos!

The first robot that I ever built, was a R2…. out of legos when I was 5 years old. So after building over a dozen steam powered contraptions, when I “grew up”, I knew I had to visit my old friend R2. I love machines with personalities and charm. You c

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