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DSLR Hack – How to Take Photos with Your Left Hand!

I guess there are many times when we might want to take photos on our DSLR camera with the left hand.  Of course, there’s isn’t really a way to do that other than turning your DSLR camera upside-down.  Even then, it’s going to be rather slippery as heck but here’s a clever metallic piece that can be screwed onto the DSLR’s existing tripod hole.

This little device can help you.

You need: an Aluminium strip of 100 x 25 x 2 mm. Bend it at approximatey 30 mm form the end. Make a fairly large bend as your thumb has to fit in. Drill a 6 mm hol

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After 35 years of Amputation, Hand Transplant still proves Successful!

Wow, check out this man who’ve had a hand transplant after 35 years of non-use on his amputated arm.  I am still amazed at the fact the hand transplant itself was successful, I dearly hope for every amputated person to get their arms/legs back through transplants.

When Savage had both hands, part of his right brain responded to his left hand, and a corresponding part of his left brain responded to his right hand. After the amputation, that same part of his left brain would have been sensory-deprived and thus ready to adopt duties of adjacent

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DIY Cellphone Piano!


Wow, it looks like someone had to hook up all their old cellphones to an electric piano.  Each key on the piano responds to a dial button on one of those phones, creating a dial-tone.  Of course, there’s not enough dial-tones to cover all the notes.

The cell phone piano. Each key on the keyboard is wired into a key on a cell phone – as you play, you are also dialing. The channels are mixed together and amplified through speakers. Every sound the piano makes is generated by one of the

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