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DIY Halloween Cave Eyes

Cool DIY project for halloween custom LEDs.

This is a little microcontroller circuit that has 15 pairs of L.E.D.ís that look like rodent eyes. The pairs of eyes blink in a semi-random fashion. So, what you end up with is 15 pairs of eyes staring out at you with one pair blinking (looks like the animal had to close their eyes briefly) at a time. The pairs of eyes are on wires so that they can be placed around the cave, bushes, etc…

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Color changing LED from buring man

My artist friend from college used to tell me about burning man,

it’s a event held in the middle of the desert basically w/ bunch of regular people,

crazy people, and people w/ lots of creative ideas…

Anyways, Make has some interesting color changing LEDs which are kinda cool…

Yes, one day i gotta go here w/ my party lights

well i will have to use LEDs…

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