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LED Cape!

LED Cape, awesome stuff…

Andrew “Bruce” Lau made this amazing LED cape and wore it around Maker Faire all weekend. I cau

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All-mechanical “Digital” Watch!

Wow, check out this “swiss made” all mechanical “digital” watch! It’s a thing of beauty, ain’t it?

Of course, it’s truly and strictly a mechanical watch that can act like a digital watch in reality. I wanna get one!

Looking at this limited-edition Di Grisogono Meccanica DG, you probably think it’s a hybrid mechanical-digital watch. Well, chaps, you’re wrong. Despite its appearance, the Meccanica DG is completely analog, comprising of 651 pieces and absolutely no digital parts or

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own Condom Sound Activated Party Lights when you ain’t gettin’ any!


Okay, here’s a funny DIY where you can make your own sound activated party lights.

If you want the non-adult version, you can check out our Christmas Voice Activated Party Lights too. (And yes, you have to use a Magnum for this one)

This project shows you how to make a music light out of inflated condoms and LEDs wired up

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Watches! Watches! Geomesh Watch by TokyoFlash

Wow, this is like the binary watch but better!

This one is called the Geomesh. It has brushed gunmetal finish with a grid face and 27 LEDs. You can choose between the multi-colored LED, All-blue LED and all-white LED version of the watch. The illuminated vertical LEDs indicate the hours white the horizontal ones indicate minutes in 5s or in 1s.

via GadgetSpy


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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a fiber optic rose!


Wow, here’s a great DIY video on making your own custom fiber optic rose!

Using a few LEDs and really cheap fiber optics, I made this dead sexy, illuminated fiber optic rose.

via HackedGadgets

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DIY HACK – HOWTO build an LED Hat!



Check out this awesome LED Hat you can make for Halloween! There’s some construction notes that you can refer to build one yourself.

I think this was originally because I was planning to go to the Burning Man festival, in which being cover

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your GIANT Blue LED Alarm Clock!

Check out this cool GIANT Blue LED Alarm Clock you can make!

I started by buying the LEDs and the alarm clocks. I cut the tops off of the LEDs and filed them so that they would be diffused. (

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Phillips Color Changing RGB Lamps!

Wow, check out these new color changing RGB Lamps! Although it’s not new tech, we give thumbs up for the design!

The lamp uses 4 LEDs, two red, one blue, and one green. By increasing, reducing, brightening or dimming each LED you get different colors!

The lamp uses a remote control so you can change LivingColors settings from anywhere in the room. What is smart on this remote is the fact that it remembers your last settings so you don’t need to reselect them.

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Halloween DIYs – Pitchfork LED, Talking Halloween Basket, and spinning wireless thingee

Pitchfork LED!

Although we haven’t been doing much DIYs lately, you can check out the Pitchfork LED for ideas for this Halloween!

Here’s the really cool spinning bluetooth wireless

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If you ever wanted to get serious with some LEDs, you can really play with this guy. He can mimic any songs, well, it’s not available yet… I bet Garrett from Comfile can hack one up real quick… He made that voice activated Christmas Tree, this doesn’t seem too different. It seems like the eyes and nose are random movements and the mouth simply syncs to the music depending on t

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