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DIY Trippy RGB LED Wave Kit!

Maker Store has a new item, DIY Trippy RGB LED wave kit that will follow your hand movement and create waves of colors.  Neat.

Imagine a bunch of little lights on a table, each about the size of a chess piece, each independent of the others. Arrange them any way you want. Each one continually, slowly changes colors on its own — but when you wave your hand over them, they create waves of colors that follow your hand

Get it here

Here’s a video of the trippy RGB

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Halloween Idea – DIY UltraViolet LED Skull Room!

Here’s a great idea for Halloween, UV LED-powered skull room.  The flashing ultraviolet LEDs allow special effects for the painted skulls rather than having a ultraviolet light on all the time.  Brilliant! – via hackedgadgets

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LED Hack – How to make LED lights

This is some heavy science form the guys over at Make. They show you how to make an LED. Not only does it show you how, it gives you a history and science lesson. I really dig this video.

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LED DIY Hack – How To Make A Glowing LED Ice Bulb!

Wow, check out this really neat project on how to make a glowing LED Ice Bulb!  It’s a simple idea but executed beautifully.

via metacafe

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DIY HACK – 10 Ways on How To En-light-en Your Life with LEDs

This post was guest posted by Joe from HackNMod. (Do you have a tech blog and want to guest post? Send an email to zedomax at gmail.com)

With technology rapidly evolving, light emitting diodes are in virtually every single electronic device on the market. They don’t produce any heat, consume less power, and emit brighter light than conventional bulbs. Furthermore, they are

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Nightclub LED Lighting System


Cool stuff here.

Have a look at this cool Nightclub LED Lighting System. If I owned a nightclub this system would be one of the first enhancements that would be added. The company has done quite a few 3D models of their designs which provide a great idea of what the end result will look like. I would be interested in knowing what type of RGB LED element they use and how they get the color to fill the globe as evenly as they do.

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Atmel AVR HACK – Temperature Controller using Microcontroller AVR

Check out the Atmel AVR temperature controller hack, although I made a better one last year that can be controlled via ethernet, the case looks awesome!

Wine doesn’t like subzero temperatures, and during wintertime, my “winecellar” got pretty cold. There was an electric heating element, but the thermostat was broken, so it was either full burn or nothing.

That’s how the te

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Interactive LED table


Cool lookin’ Interactive LED table!

I purchased one of the Interactive LED Table kits from Evil Mad Scientist and built a table, it took a week to assemble, and almost two months to make the table part, but it’s pretty awesome. Tons of photos, and a few videos of the building process, and final table on the link above

via MakeZine

Get the kit here


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DIY HACK – HOW TO Control an Arduino remotely with your browser!


This is kinda cool way to control an LCD hooked up to Ardunino with browsers including your mobile phone.

In conclusion, this code may be pretty ragged, but the concept is what is important and it should be enough to get you started. You obviously can’t do anything too intense with this. It could be used to do some simple but cool things though such as controlling your house from your cell phone, or feeding your dog or cat over the internet, etc. Once again, please e-mail me if yo

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a Christmas Tree Projector!

If you ever need to prepare for Christmas this year and you DON’T want to bring a real Christmas tree into your house, you can prepare yourself right by making one of theses Christmas Tree Projectors! (Warning, your cat or dog might think it’s real…)

This device, projects an image of a Christmas tree onto the wall. The size of the image ranges from only a few inches to about 5 feet depending on how far away from the wall

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