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LED Hack – How to Make your own OLED!

Wow, here’s something that’s gonna really blow your mind, you can actually learn how to make your own OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes)!

I guess the process isn’t hard as it seems plus once you master this art, that means you can make your own custom LEDs for your projects.  I, for one will try this in the near future for my LED projects. (or is it OLED projects now?)

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LED Hack – How to Make an LED Mohawk Helmet!

For those of you who want mohawks but really can’t afford to because you will look a bit crazy at work, you can still make one of these nifty LED Mohawk helmets.   Not only will you look cooler, the LED Mohawk helmet will fend off drivers who are drifting to sleep before they almost hit you.  Plus, it “animates”, certainly an attention-grabber and a nice device to wear when biking at nights.

It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I got to use all kinds of tools and materials, and afterwards I had

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LED Hack – How to Make Your Own Colored LEDs!

Here’s a cool hack for those of you who want to save money on buying colored LEDs, simply buy the white LEDs, sand it a bit, and color it!

The result is rather fascinating and could possibly save you a lot of money if you need different colors for your project.

Now just hook your LED on a battery and see if you did a good job (see photos ). Once you light it up and you see there is still some white shining through, just color some more over those white spots. Colored LEDs are more expensive then white LEDs and harder to find. So now you can easily…

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LED Hack – How to Make a Remote-Controlled RGB LED Mood Light!

Like LED hacking?  Here’s another rather interesting LED hack involving a remote-controlled RGB LED mood light.  Awesome!

With this thing I can control the colour of a bright light into many different colours using the three fundamentals colours : red green and blue. Adding them toghether with different intensity can yeld very great a range of colours from the visible spectrum.

Also check out our Top 30 LED DIY projects here.

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LED Hack – How to Make (Google)Voice Activated LED Signs!


Here’s a really cool hack that uses GoogleVoice to translate voice into words and to his LED sign.  This should save a lot of time anytime you want to change the message on your LED sign.  Brilliant!

I made the LED sign following instructions from this tutorial on Nerdkits.com.  The hardware is some LED’s, a nerdkit, a piece of cardboard and a bit of wire that I got from some Cat 5 cable laying around.  I cut out the cardboard and printed a grid to help me la

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LED DIY Hack – How To Make A Glowing LED Ice Bulb!

Wow, check out this really neat project on how to make a glowing LED Ice Bulb!  It’s a simple idea but executed beautifully.

via metacafe

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DIY HACK – Wearable LED Light

Check out the wearable LED light you can make!

The Wearable Light kit is a leather cuff with LEDs embedded inside. The Velcro functions as a switch so the bracelet only illuminates when it is in active use. It is a kit designed as an investigative tool to gain insight into DIY culture. Marrying sewing techniques with electronics, a new aestheticized vernacular for constructing simple circuitry is developed. The kits were deployed to crafters in the U.S., Canada and UK.

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