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LED DIY – How to Make a 24 by 6 LED Matrix Display!

For those of you “awed” by LED matrix displays, here’s a 24 by 6 matrix display you can make yourself. We can never get enough of these posts on our blog, check out the all-shiny and grateful 24×6 LED display in action below:


After making a 8X10 matrix a lot of people asked me about expanding the matrix to some thing bigger, and some wanted to write stuff to the matrix via a PC, so one day I looked at a pile of LEDs that I had leftover from a LED cube projected and I decided

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DIY POV Blue LED Display!

Take a moment and watch these awesome displays of the DIY POV blue LED display that will animate a dog. (or horse)  Awesome huh?

Improvements are: The rotation speed is 25/s instead of 7/s like in the earlier version, thanks to a cooling fan motor, which can give about 10W power and enough torque at 1800rpm. Also the power supplying is changed for the rotating part. It gets negative through the axe, positive through a sliding contact. The rotation speed is monitored, so the image does not collapse when it decreeses.

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DIY Sheep LED Art!


Check out this Sheep LED Art, made using real sheeps and LEDs, fantastic!

We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display.

via youtube

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OMDM Oversized Movable LED display E-K50 II for your Backyard?

Well, this OMDM oversized LED display is probably for commercial use but would be a great outdoor LCD for your backyard so you can barbeque and watch a movie at the same time.

via aving

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