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DIY Pixel Qi Sunlight-proof LCDs coming soon!

The news of the week is that Pixel Qi, manufacturer of sunlight-proof LCDs, is going to be releasing DIY LCD replacement kits that will allow your laptop to use much less power (allowing your laptop to run 20-30% longer) plus the LCDs themselves work well in bright sunlight.

The last time I used my netbook in bright sunlight was at the zoo couple months back and I have to say, you would seriously need something like a DIY Pixel Qi LCD kit replacement if you like the outdoors.

Of course, I think itR

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Bank of America ATMs Wasting Energy, Turn that LCD OFF Please!


Here’s my letter to BofA and any other ATM-owing banks in the world who leave their ATM LCD on all night long:

Dear CEO of BofA and other banks that leave their ATMs on at night:

It’s 3:35AM over here in California, I have not been able to goto sleep tonight so I am working(blogging) in my car again.  Anyways, I parked my car by a local stripmall where I’ve noticed that Bank of America ATM machine LCDs are on as bright as hell.

Suddenly I realized how many BofA ATMs were out there and how much energy

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Circuits DIY – How to Make a Weather Station!

Here’s an impressive weather station project you can make that will show you bunch of great current weather conditions.  I do highly like the graph part, it can be developed even further to allow internet remote monitoring and more.

Now this was a huge project! All sensors had to be fully tested one at a time, wireless communication had to be perfect, various LCDs were tried. Nevertheless, here’s the result: hope you enjoy it!

The circuit may be powered by a small 9V b

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Tablet Hack – How to Turn your Laptop into a Tablet Notebook!

With Hanwha’s Duo, you can easily turn your regular ol’ laptop into a tablet notebook.  There’s some hardware involved but if you are sitting at your desk most of the time, this might be the perfect solution for drawing in Photoshop during your free time. (or for freelance work too.)

Hanwha Japan has just introduced its incredibly useful Duo for Laptop device, which sits gently atop one’s laptop display and tracks digital pen movements via Infrared and ultrasonic technology in order to add doodling functionality to LCDs tha

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Top 10 Unique and Innovative Digital Photo Frames!

With the high number of digital photo frames popping up today, I figured I would do a small review on some of the unique and innovative digital photo frames I found on the web.  Here’s a range of unique and innovative digital photo frames you might enjoy.

1) Magnetic Digital Photo Frame for your Refrigerator – This little digital photo frame will let you stick your favorite digital pict

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Sony Accelerating Production of Larger OLED TVs

Sony is accelerating their production of larger OLED TVs.


OLED TVs are obviously better than traditional TVs due to their lower power while high output, meaning brighter, better pictures. There’s also Samsung, who is working on their own OLED TVs.

The question will remain which big TV manufacturer will win the race. The competition might be all too good for consumers and we should expect to be able to buy a 102″ OLED TV for around $2000 in the next couple years.

According to a Sony report straight from its Ja

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BMW Adds Full Internet Access to Its iDrive

BMW adds full internet access to their iDrive.  This is something I have been thinking about, putting a web browser into the car navigation.  If everything goes as planned, we should have some people “Site Hopping” while they are stuck at the light and make us couple million bucks.

I think this is a smart move by BMW as some car manufacturer is going to put that web browser on the car navigation.  Why not?  The screen’s there

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DIY HACK – HOW TO make a Rotating LCD!

Wow, check out this cool DIY on how to make a rotating LCD! This IS very useful for reading PDFs and whatnot. If you don’t want to make one or you are about buy a new LCD, there’s also bunch of LCDs out there that already rotates. (which I use at work) CNET has a great review of rotating LCDs.

This fixture is very usefull for rotate 90 degrees the monitor in order to see o read document

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POWERless LCD displays from Kent Display

Everytime I goto ESC (Embedded Systems Conference), it seems like Kent displays is among the top pioneers of powerless LCD displays.

If you have any apps requiring powerless LCDs (that’s right, they are powerless!), I suggest you check these guys out.

Yes, these LCD are cool, I’ve seen them in real life, they require no POWER! You need power to change to displaying text or graphics but once you set them, they require no power…very useful, I believe a lot of new products are being developed using these LCDs…kinda pricey though…

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