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Haha, Americans used as “BullShi*” people in Canadian Ads!

Here’s easyhome.com, who’s using Americans as BS to market their Sony 52″ HD LCD TVs.

As an American, I don’t mind this at all, I think it’s rather funny and hilarious that a company would use prejudice to sell them.

But I think I know the reasons why this happened.

If you go back to one of the episodes on South Park where everyone’s yelling, “I hate Canada”, I think that kinda explains it.  Although South Park may be funny and su

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NBA Basketball 10-inch LCD TV!

If you are crazy about basketball, you might want to get one of these NBA Basketball 10″ LCD TVs to show off your spirit for the game.

Because the best place for a basketball is inside the net, here’s a TV that celebrates making the basket. The outside ring is real metal, just like the hoop where you play your game. Inside the hoop, the ball looks and feels like the real thing. NBA logos grace the front and back. What a score.

via 7gadgets,

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SMART introduces Flat Panel Digital Whiteboards!

Here’s a cool flat panel digital whiteboard.  Now, if they can make these or simply add it as an additional feature for digital picture frames, that’d make my world perfecto.

Best of all, this technology can be used with any existing front projection, rear projection, and LCD TVs.

SMART presented its flat-panel interactive whiteboard at the infoCom08 in Las Vegas. It is able to simply touch the display to control computer applications, write in d

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Sharp working on Solar LCD TVs!

Sharp is working on solar LCD TVs for houses without electricity.

The only question I have is, if they don’t get electricity, will they get any TV reception at all?  (Maybe air reception is good… real good…)

LCD prototype which uses just a quarter of the power (or a third measured annually) of a conventional CRT with the same screen size. That’s low enough to be suitably powered by a Sharp, triple

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