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32 inch Digital Picture Frame!

Okay, for about $839, you could probably just get an LCD TV but this 32 inch digital picture frame does look like a real frame…

The world’s largest digital picture frame, the 32 “ SP3200. The new flagship model of the company’s extensive and highly-successful OptiPix™ family of digital picture frames, the SP3200 is sure to turn heads wherever it’s displayed. SP3200’s 16:9, widescreen LCD panel displays photos in high definiti

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Big Ass Digital Wall Clock!

Here’s a giant digital wall clock that will let you substitute an LCD TV.

The Big Time Digital Wall Clock is probably one of the more futuristic and striking looking clocks available. Being 100 x 50cms in size you will soon notice the time and probably take a second look as this would not look out of place on the wall next to the big screen in NASA.

Made from lightweight materials, flat and flexible is is easy to hang in your office or b

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Twitter Hack – Display messages from twitter on the small screen!

Here’s a cool Twitter hack that let’s you display messages on a small screen. Kinda pointless when you can use a cellphone but still, you could probably apply this idea for something else.

This prototype uses an embedded system and colour LCD screen to display messages from twitter.com. It was a fun way to learn Ruby programming, as well programming against this little LCD.

Twitter is a place to post brief updates on

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Check out this cool TV/Drawer that can turn into a bed at night!

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DIY – Flatscreen HOWTO when you can’t afford it


Here’s howto make a flatscreen with your DLP projection TV. the pictures should be enough to give you the idea. Well, you just need a wall with access to the other side. Hilarious, hahaha!


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