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LCD TV Manufacturers Cutting Costs Just to Stay Alive!

Recession has hit the LCD TV manufacturers big, forcing them to cut costs just to stay alive.  Of course, for us consumers this is great news but for LCD TV manufacturers in China, this means barely surviving.

According to NYTimes, companies are lowering prices even further just to survive.

The price reductions are great for consumers, but not so good for the companies that manufacture the sets. “The manufacturers needed to keep sales momentum going when people cut

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DealMax – Gadget Deals for TODAY ONLY!

I swear to God, Buy.com always has some great deals on gadgets, here’s a couple you might be interested in.  Remember this is good only for today and these deals never come back so take advantage.

First up is this Toshiba  1080P Up-converting DVD player for $39.99.  (REFURBISHED)  It’s refurbished but still, I would get this as I paid like $50 for a 1080P DVD player at Target couple months back and it SUCKS.

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What is HDMI and What is DHCP?

LOL, I got these 2 questions from one of my Laptop Blog readers:

“What is HDMI”

“What is DHCP?”

Well, since I am a nice guy, I figured I’d helping in my simple language but here’s my definition of them for all of you readers who don’t know:

“What is HDMI”

HDMI is the adaptor that lets you connect your laptop/computer to an HD LCD TV digitally, about 100 times better quality than something like SVIDEO.   Plus, you can also transfer audio through the same cable so you don’t need 3 cables like back in the

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Recession DIY – How to Watch Fireworks on a Budget this July 4th, Independence Day!

July 4th Independence Day is one of my favorite days as I do highly enjoy celebrating my freedom as an independent person who doesn’t depend on his parents to make a living.  I’ve been such a July 4th nut and I have been going to every firework in San Francisco last couple years but this year, I’ve decided to save money and watch the fireworks.

So, here’s how to save money during one of the biggest holidays in America:

1. Don’t go out to see the fireworks, stay home!  If you are going to go out clubbing on July 4th or even to a bar, don’t

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Motion-Sensing Wooden Mouse!


If you are lazy and you need to surf the web on your LCD TV while in bed, you might want to get one of these really cool wooden motion-sensing mice.

It’s a rare item that pleases both gadget and nature lovers, but the Jupiter Mouse from Actbrise Electronics does just that. This wooden mouse is handmade from Chinese flowering ash in Japan’s rural Gunma prefecture and earns its name from the natural wood grain swirls and click button that resembles the largest planet’s famous spot.


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CineWall is an In-wall Plasma HDTV for “embedding” in your Livingroom Wall!

For those of who need to really utlize space efficiently around the house, especially if you don’t like your flatscreen LCD TV sticking out couple inches from the wall, you can wait for the CineWall, a 95-inch High-Definition TV with a whopping aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

Of course, you will need to shell out about $50,000 USD for this, I’d advice to wait until the prices go down when all th

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$70,000 3D Digital Screens coming to your Local Theatre soon!

Here’s some great news for movie-addicts.  Theatres around the country will be replacing outdated projector screens with 3D-capable digital screens, meaning you will get some cool screens like the IMAX-3D even for your regular movies.

Nice, but I hope they don’t raise the prices, then I’d probably rather get a 150″ LCD TV for myself.

Read – Wall Street

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Haha, Americans used as “BullShi*” people in Canadian Ads!

Here’s easyhome.com, who’s using Americans as BS to market their Sony 52″ HD LCD TVs.

As an American, I don’t mind this at all, I think it’s rather funny and hilarious that a company would use prejudice to sell them.

But I think I know the reasons why this happened.

If you go back to one of the episodes on South Park where everyone’s yelling, “I hate Canada”, I think that kinda explains it.  Although South Park ma

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USB Fish Handheld Mouse needs no Mouse Surface!

If you are one of those lazy bloggers with a 60″ LCD TV hooked up to your PC in your bedroom and you blog on your bed, you will definitely need to get one of these Fish Handheld Mouses that can be used without a mouse surface.

The Fish is a revolutionary new hand held mouse that will change the way we use computers.


With no complicated set up or software, The Fish simply plugs into any available USB port and is ready to use. Being hand

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19″ Hello Kitty LCD TV!

For fans of Hello Kitty, here’s a 19″ Hello Kitty LCD TV to match your Hello Kitty purses, beds, dolls, etc…etc…

Our cute, nice 19″ TV provides a resolution of 1440×810, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, brightness of 300cd/m², and response time of 5ms. It features a 1Seg tuner, built-in speakers (3Wx2), and HDMI Interface. Available in two colors, Black & White, and costs 415€.

via akihab

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