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Viewsonic Korea Launches a Curved 19″ LCD in Korea

Korea is becoming more of a central location where companies are launching products to test out the market.

Recently, Viewsonic launches their new curved 19″ LCD in Korea.  It doesn’t look curved to me but it must be just so slightly.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Viewsonic Korea(www.viewsonic.com) announced the launch of its 19-inch wide LCD monitor ‘VX1962WM’ in Korea market, which is available in June.

Supporting 1680*1050 resolution, 6000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response speed, the VX1

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Nokia E66 Approved by FCC

Yey, Nokia E66 is approved by FCC.  Too bad they still need to work on their browser.  No matter how fast their phone goes, it will still be crappy by Zedomax standards if there’s no browser that supports flash.

One of Nokia’s upcoming business-class handsets, the svelte E66 slider, has garnered FCC approval ahead of a launch that we’ve got to believe is happening in the very near future now. That’s the good news; the bad news is that there’s zero North American 3G involved from what we can see in the test reports.

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AT&T Confirms High Speed Rollout in Time for iPhone 2.0 – Will it be fast enough?

AT&T confirms their higher speed 3G wireless speeds when the new iPhone rolls out. At 1.4 Mbps Down and 800 Kbps Up, will this be fast enough?

The answer is already clear. Their current 3G speeds are so slow that you can’t even really watch Youtube videos on it. With the new “hyped’ 3G speeds, AT&T is only fooling consumers, who in turn will also fool themselves to believing this is something new.

Do you want to be lied to twice?  I don’t think so, just remember when Apple had those TV ads when the iPhone streamed live Youtube…

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Virgin Galatic, 3 Hour Space Travel, ready for reservations, can you afford it?

I first saw an article about Virgin’s Richard Branson on Wired magazine couple months ago. Virgin announced that it was launching a public service where people can experience zero-gravity.

Basically, Virgin is taking space travel into reality for normal people like you and me.

Anyways, I was SiteHoppin’ along for some random Entrecard tech blogs and found

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StumbleUpon’s new “secret” extension-less Toolbar is just like SiteHoppin.com

Wow, today I got up to see stats on SiteHoppin.com and found out StumbleUpon is “secretly” working on a new “extension-less” toolbar just like SiteHoppin.com.

It seems like the guys at StumbleUpon might have picked up SiteHoppin’s new ideas. We praise them for doing that since that confirms that we are on the right path. Why didn’t StumbleUpon come up with it earlier? (They came out with this new toolbar 18 days after public beta

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Why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow!

Remember I did a review of Blogrush and Entrecard right before Entrecard started taking off?

Well, here’s why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow! (Sorry John, we are just using your site as comparison, no pun intended)

1. SiteHoppin is like a dog. Well, here’s how I got that analogy. I don’

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EntreWiki – A new place for Entrepreneurs to advertise Money Making Business Ideas

Yey, we are about to launch EntreWiki, a new place for entrepreneurs to advertise their Money Making Business Ideas. Although we are still working on some functionalities of the website, you can go check it out. Basically, we are selling Advertisement pages to businesses that want to sell their franchise, money making machines, money making plans, or anything that helps those businesses.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Basically, you send EntreWiki your Advertisement creative in a Photoshop PS

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OneBuckWiki sells over 1000 pages in 2 weeks since its Launch!

Hi All,

Here’s a shameless promotion for our new sites:

As you well know, we have been creating lots and lots of cool and sometimes funky websites but OneBuckWiki might be the site we have hit on somethin’.

We’ve sold over 1000 pages within 2 weeks since its launch! Anyways, you can still get a deal for pages. If you want a free page, let me know at zedomax [at] gmail.com.

We want to hook u

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Ipod Touch Unboxed

Cool, check out this new iPod Touch, looks nice…

Looks just like an iPhone to me…

Yeah, we know we’re running slightly behind on fooling around with a retail iPod touch, but we’ve finally got one here. You already saw our first impressions when we played with it at launch, but as the day

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