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WordPress DIY – How to Make your FFFFOUND Website!

FFFFOUND.com is a very interesting image bookmarking site that has been growing steadily.  Here’s a neat DIY on how to make your own image bookmarking site like FFFFOUND:

I’ve been a daily visitor of ffffound for some time now, but I have never been lucky enough to receive an invite to actually use it. It’s a GREAT source of inspiration for all types of design, and I constantly refer to it and the QBN pic of the day thread for some good laughs and beautiful pictures. After realizing that I had a spare domain name I decided it was time to

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Magic DIY – How to Make a Magic Coin!


For those of you who have a lot of time to play, I highly suggest you to make one of these magic coins by cutting out a small groove around the coin and inserting a rubber band like in the video.   You will get a lot of laughs out of this one at your next part for sheezy.

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Toilet HACK – DIY Arduino Flush-O-Matic – LMAO


Lol, this has to be one of the better laughs you get from DIYs….  I had to post since today I just overflew my toilet and had to clean up the whole bathroom.  My hands still smell like my diarrheal poop.

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Remote Controlled Golf Ball

Check out this cool remote controlled golf ball you can get to control the way the ball spins! I might need this for playing for some money on the course…

“The ball has a little spinning gyro in it, and when you activate it from the remote it spins off in random directions. The acceleration varies depending on the ground, and due to its small size it obviously works best on smoother surfaces such as green and tees. All you have

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