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Erector – Spy on your own home!

Here’s a cool spy gadget you can get which comes with built-in webcam and MP3 plus the ability to spy on your family. Well…not exactly spying but you can use it security I guess… Preorder one at Amazon.

Nikko and Erector just launched the Spykee Spy Robot, a Johnny-5-esque little fellow that recharges itself and includes a webcam and MP3 player all in a clever little package.

It costs about $299 and let’s you watch your

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Pico Cell Phone Projector Demonstration Video


Wow, one day we will be able to carry our cellphones with Word documents, presentations, and then we goto the meeting with this guy.

Unlike traditional projectors, the Pico Projector “prototype uses red, green, and blue lasers and a digital micromirror array (ultraminiaturized DLP

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The Top 10 Reasons why you need a Blog vs. static website

Here’s my top 10 reasons why you need blog(s) if you want to succeed online:

Blogs can be updated hourly, daily, or any time you want to update your site. Each post on a Blog has tags in comparison Target keywords for your products. (For example, you can make a new post with title, description, and tags targeted at your keywords such as “iphone hacks”) Blogs are the next communication medium on the internet. It’s never too late to make a blog You can give out stuff for free that you get for free. (e.g. Our lasers were provided free from

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We are back on a faster server and ready to go fast again! :)

Hey, we are back on a super-fast server from Cari.net. We had to move to a quad CPU dedicated server due to traffic and slow load times. Aplus.net didn’t have any faster CPU than dual-core so we had to move. Anyways, I just got my cool green dragon laser from Dragon Lasers last week. I will shoot a video soon to show it off. (And yeah, we are giving them some free ads for the free sample!) Thanks Frank for the $400 green laser! 🙂 I’ve been very busy pointing it at the sky an

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3D Metal and Sugar Sculptures by Bathsheba Grossman


Blip video Link

Bathsheba Grossman explains to us the 3D sculptures, sugar sculptures, and the sculptures made with lasers at the Maker Faire!

These are priceless…


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