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Recommended Laser-pointers

Lightsaber Laser Pointers!

Check out these cool Lightsaber Laser Pointers, I would love to see these hacked with green laser pointers, that would make them more powerful and realistic.  Perhaps, I will do it soon!


DIY – How to Write Letters and Shapes Using a Laser!

Drawing with lasers is really fun especially if you set your digital camera in stealth, long exposure mode.

How to use a laser pointer to draw, to write and to record it? I think it is a very interesting thing. With the help of a camera with the function which could set longer exposure time,you could easily record what you draw and write with the laser pointers.The laser pointers include 405 nm blu-ray laser pointer, 532 nm green laser pointer, 473 nm blue laser pointer, 593.5 nm orange laser pointer.

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