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Automated Digital Grill – Blue Ember 650 iQue’ grill


This is the kind of grill I need, the one that lowers its temperature automatically after the steak is cooked.

I am gettin’ hungry…  THis thang is going to change how we eat…steak that is of course, my favorite dish.

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘2008 NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW’) — <Visual News> Fiesta(www.fiestrabbq.com) introduced its revolutionary touch-screen digital controller grill ‘Blue Ember 650 iQue’ at the 2008 National Hardware Show, May 6 ~8, in Las Veg

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Océ unveils new printing technology ‘CrystalPoint’, Ink Gel Balls!

Holy crap, Oce unveils their new printing technology.  Instead of traditional inkjet or laserjet crap, this new technology uses this ink gel balls!  You can buy one here.

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘IRgA 2008’) — <Visual News> Océ unveiled today new printing technology ‘CrystalPoint’, which combines toner and inkjet printing at the IRgA 2008 Annual Convention and Trade Show

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Geewiz’s Alarm Clock Robot does iPod and Radio!


Check out this cool Geewiz Robotic Alarm Clock that is really cool. You can get one at your local Walgreens for about $50.  You can even plugin your iPod and listen to your favorite music.

Great stuff guys!


    LCD Backlit Display Analog AM/FM Tuner MP3/Ipod Player 50 Wake-up Shows Broadcast Time Light & Motion Sensor Multiple Wake-up Settings Black Rubber Texture Base w/ Chrome Details


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iDeal – DIY Automatic Poker Dealer Robot!


Well, I used to do a lot of Blackjack programming for fun and make games but this one is actually a “real” automatic poker dealer robot.

In couple years or so we should start seeing robots replacing dealers across Las Vegas.  Well, that’s if the robots do better than human counterparts…

Thanks Patrick for the tip!

Introducing the “iDeal”. It’s the worlds best automatic poker dealer! Perfect for your home poker games and fits on the edge of a table. Features include: – PIC

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Video – How To Solve Solitare Every Time


I’ve seen a lot of security guards using the internet to play games while they are bored. Well, here’s a video to hack your solitare game and win every time!

All the recent howto videos here inspired me to make my own. Here’s a walkthrough to Solitare, the little game that’s included in Microsoft Windows.

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