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Recommended Laptop-speakers

Philips Portable USB Speaker System!

I’ve been searching for a small USB-powered laptop speakers and I think I found the perfect one (thanks to editors at Coolest Gadgets blog!), it’s a Philips portable USB speaker, it’s small enough yet powerful for you to get some extra hearing power out of your laptop.

Okay, enough blogging, let me go order one now. 🙂

Price $18.85 on Amazon

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Interesting Posts Across the Network!

Well, here’s some interesting posts across the Zedomax Network today:

First, for ladies, check out the Botkier Morgan small hobo handbag, it almosts reminds me of an exaggerated version of a big fluffy, hairy squirrel.

Second, for internet marketers, learn how to (not) use Stumbleupon to make more money with Adsense.  Stumbleupon is like printing money for your web tr

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