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DIY Cardboard Laptop Case!

Check out this awesome DIY cardboard laptop case that’s stylish and functional.  I have to say this is the best recycled laptop case I’ve seen so far.

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Laptop News Roundup!

Here’s Laptop news Roundup for today:

Dell will be releasing their Studio 15 soon, the HD-equipped laptop will come with nice subwoofers which I am having a hard time believing there will be much bass if any.

Gateway has their new laptop line, the TC7306u and TC7307u series.  I am not a fan of Gateway laptops but who knows, they might make a come-back soon.

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My Document Laptop Case!

Lol, this is a really cool looking “My Document Laptop Case”!

can bet that if you walk around with one of these, you aren’t going to run into many people with the same one. Of course you’re probably going to get a lot of strange looks, since it is rather strange.

[via techeblog

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