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Golla Launches their 2011 Laptop/Netbook/Tablet Bags! [CES 2011]

Golla launches their new line of designs for the year 2011 which includes bags for gadgets such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, dslr cameras, and more.  We will be there in couple days to check out their new designs.

Press Release:

Ride the New Wave of Technology and Fashion with Golla Bags

Golla Launches its Collection 2011 at the CES in Las Vegas

Five worlds of colour and many new styles of bags for the latest gadgets: Golla’s new collection is officially launched at the CES in Las Vegas, Janu

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Eco Friendly and Green Laptop Bags!

Cool eco-friendly and green laptops bags!

For those of you looking for eco-friendly/green alternatives to laptop sleeves, you might be interested in these eco laptop sleeves from Badget Bag.  Of course, don’t forget, you can probably make one yourself too with duct tape or

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Laptop News Roundup!

Here’s laptop news roundup for today:

Check out these really cool wooden laptop bags, and also for females too hereDell Mini 10 gets a webpage here.

Thinkpad laptops pass military test, does this mean military will be using Thin

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Voltaic Generator Solar-Powered Laptop Bag Review!

The company called Voltaic Systems, have been making these awesome solar backpacks and laptop bags as of recently.  One of the latest products is the Voltaic Generator series, which features large solar cells on the side of the bag.  Not only does this laptop bag recharge your gadgets such as an iPhone, it also recharges your laptop, so long as you don’t own high-amp laptops, most likely from Fujitsu, Sony, or Toshiba.  But if you own Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, or Lenovo, there’s a

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Today’s Laptop Reviews on the Laptop Blog!

Here’s some of the latest laptop reviews on our laptop blog today and last couple days I have gone missing doing other projects:

Check out the new Acer Aspire One D150 review and it’s available now for pre-order at Amazon here.

Do also check out ASUS N280 review and it’s

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DealMax – Luxury Handbag Black Friday Coupons/Deals!

UPDATE: For 2009 Black Friday Deals on Handbags, please head over here!

Well, it’s that time of the year, Black Friday, and you need to find the best deals online since it’s been estimated that less people will be shopping at the malls.  That’s also partly because more and more people are shopping online these days and things are much cheaper online. Anywayz, here’s some bag coupons you might be able to make use of today that posted on our

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