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Gold Plated Ferrari will Make You Pee in Your Pants!

So, you thought you were rich with your Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari in your garage?

Think again, you won’t really be that rich until you own one of these gold-plated ferraris.

there’s simply no end to the potential for outright hysteria. Replacing everything that is luxurious, cocooned right in the land of the luxury cars, the Golden Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano by Hamann sets the road ablaze. Finished in gold, the Ferrari features a new bodykit, subtle Hamann spoilers, an extra 53 HP, new wheels and hp.

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The Whip – Lamborghini Snowboard!

A company called Cheetah has developed a new sleek snowboard coined, “the Lamborghini of Snowboards“.

We like the new design except they might have to change their slogan unless they want a lawsuit from the car maker Lamborghini.

Cheetah Ultra Sports has apparently developed the Whip F-117 after four solid years of research, development and taking oodles of time off to hit the slopes. In short, it’s dubbed the Lamborghini of snowboards, promising to make riders go fa

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Italian Police Lamborghini!


If you ever decide to be a cop, make sure to apply for an Italian citizen, then work for the police station that lets you drive one of these Lamborghinis. (I heard they had Lamborghini police cars in Arizona too but this one is better)

I imagine they need this for catching those heroin/drug exporters in Italy.  (Well, they could’ve probably got 100 regular police cars instead though…)

Somehow the Lamborghini techs have managed to integrate all the gear that modern police officer

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Lamborghini USB Memory Stick!

You know, I keep telling myself that I will get to own one of these Lamborghinis one day but in the meanwhile if you can’t afford one, get a Lamborghini USB stick to fill your little desires.

Authentically designed and licensed by Lamborghini, the blue tinted windows, classic vented back windows and the sporty yellow or white paint job make this a car to have and a car to go with you anywhere.

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