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Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Powered Roof Gutter Water Barrel!

Here in California, it’s freakin’ sunny as hell during the summer and in the winter, it rains like a mothufooko.  Anyways, I’ve been working on my friend’s lawn and they have no lawn sprinkler nor do they want to spend the money on it.  Every summer, that lawn gets dried up like crazy and I’ve always thought there’s gotta be a good way to re-use the water that you get during the spring, specifically the water thats coming down your roof gutter.

Well, I am in look as I found this awesome DIY that shows you how to make a solar-powered roof-gutter e

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How to Turn a 103-inch HDTV into a Multi-Touch Table Tennis Game!


Wow, these guys created a multi-touch table tennis game using a giant 103-inch HDTV!  Freakin’ awesome!

Now, can I get a sample please?

Of course, I don’t think this is a hard project as there’s a bunch of apps out there but kudos to UI Centric for making this a reality for people.

via gizmodo

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Kitchen Hack – How to Make a VHS Video Toaster!


Taking the toaster out of a VHS video retro machine might not be your idea of an ideal breakfast but here’s a guy who made a such thing, kudos on those geeky toasted bread.

If I thought anyone would attempt this (and they shouldn’t) I’d offer the following warnings: Ensure the metal parts are earthed (I did) Do not place it on heat-sensitive surfaces. Do not place heat-sensitive materials on top of it. Take care not to touch any hot surfa

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Recycled Bike Chair!

Check out this awesome recycled bike chair.  Now, this is what I call modern art that utilizes every source of renewable energy out there. Kudos!

The bike chair shown above is made using recycled chromed steel rims. It was recently featured on Forever Geek, which is where i happen to stumble upon the modern design (and eco) beauty. As you know re-purposed furniture and accessories is my fave type of green item. This one ranks right up there with the best of them.

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Eco-Conscious DIY – How to make a Zebra Rug using a Permanent Marker!

Without a doubt, DIYs like this make me interested because this is a great alternative over getting a real zebra rug.  Basically, it’s a fun DIY that shows you how to make a zebra rug using a permanent marker.

Kudos for being eco-conscious!

You will need one or two yards of white fabric such as vinyl or faux suede and a permanent marker or fabric paint.

You will also need access to a digital projector in order to enlarge an image of the hide

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Google Chrome is now Official!

Yes, Google Chrome has been around and I have even made a blog dedicated to Chrome hacks, but Google Chrome is now going official.  I really sense that Chrome will start picking up even more users due to the fact that they did fix a lot of security bugs with enhancements from the community feedback.

Go Google!

One thing I highly admire of Google over Microsoft is that they went with open-source when they could’ve made gazillions more money with proprietary code.  Kudos to open-source, Linux

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DIY Hack – How to Make Web Based Teleprensence Robot!


Here’s a fun little project that shows you how to make an web-based robot that can be controlled remotely via the internet. THe main computer is used as web-control system while Make Controller is used to interface the computer to the servo motors attached.

Of course, I do feel that a real PC and the big screen is overkill, but kudos for making such a simple assembly using easy to find software like Sky

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The World’s Largest Subwoofer?

Could this be the world’s largest subwoofer? I think not. I have seen plenty of subwoofer vans that can crank out more power than this guy but still, kudos for tryin’.

In addition to being the world’s largest subwoofer, the “MATTERHORN” just might be the most powerful as well — built by Danley Sound Labs.

Video after the jump!

via tech

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Soft Values Portable Belt Speakers!

Here’s an interesting concept belt speakers from Soft Values.  I don’t know why I’d use instead of a regular headphones but still, kudos for a great concept.

The Soft Values Portable Speaker sits in a small, ball-like form that encloses a soft, fabric sock and a strap. This sock will unfold out of the speaker and cover it up to give the Soft Values Portable Speaker a nice and soft feel. The strap obviously comes in handy to lug this little sound box around. Though we don’t have too many details about the speaker, a Bluetooth co

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DIY HACK – How to Make a Wii Whiteboard!


This is exactly what I need instead of my whiteboard and pens that wear out.

This is a port of Johnny Chung Lee’s Whiteboard app for the actual Wii. Kudos & thanks to Johnny Lee, Team Twiizers, svpe, shagku and para.

To use this application, you need the following:

* A Wii with some method to run homebrew on it, e.g. the Twilight Hack * Two Wiimotes. Wiimote 1 is for interaction, Wiimote 2 should be positioned somewhere where it can see your entire screen, but not much more. It shouldn’t be moved after y

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