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18.41% of World Internet Users use Firefox!

Wow, Firefox has been steadily growing real fast… I remember about 2-3 years ago when Firefox use was at only about 5%.

Go Firefox! Kill IE for good.

The only thing with Internet Explorer is that a lot of foreign countries such as Korea, have adopted to use IE exclusively for internet banking, which you can not use Firefox for.

Still, more than 90% of population in Korea and other parts of the world use IE. Darn…

Net Applications, purveyors of web metrics data, published some interesting asides about Mozil

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UV Disinfector for your Silverware!

Here’s a UV disinfector for your silverware from Shaper Images.

I don’t know why it’s so expensive, it’s all marketing hype I tell you.  I’ve seen these commercial UV disinfectors since 20 years ago, they have them everywhere in Korea including restaurants, barber shops, etc…etc…

    This pocketsize disinfecting light kills up to 99.99% of infectious bacteria and viruses on all kinds of surfaces. A quick 10-second scan is all it takes to destroy staph, salmonella, E.coli, flu

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Louis Vuitton Vespa Scooter!

I remember people used to ride Vespa scooters in Korea like they were some luxury items while in the US no one really cares.

Here’s a cool LV Vespa Scooter!  This must be a luxury item then…

[via neatoramaivyparisnews]

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This Week Laptop Pimp WrapUp!

Well, here’s this week’s wrap up of Laptop Pimp Blog.

Jesus, Van Der Jisus notebooks will be out in end of June. Acer Aspire One Mini-notebook that should be ready to buy reaaaal soon. Korea always gets new laptops faster than us with MSI 15.4″

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Kick Off Online Soccer Game


CRSpace, a online game company in Korea, has just launched their beta version of the new soccer game, Kick Off.

You can try it here, it’s kinda slow because the servers are hosted in Korea but it looks like another great online soccer game that will eventually kick off the socks off most teenagers.

The Kick Off stands for a soccer game, namely, ‘Street Soccer’ which anyone can easily play, and which has been reinterpreted and restructur

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Western Digital Portable 320GB fits in your pocket!

It looks like these 320GB passport-size storage beasts are released…in Korea.  Darn it…

Next time your friend goes to Korea, make them get one for you on the black market. (It’s cheaper, you can haggle real low…)

via thenetguruz

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Mobile WiMax Wave 2 tested for live HD streaming!

SKtelecom, the biggest telecommunications in Korea who also runs Cyworld, has just finished testing Mobile WiMax Wave 2 for HD live streaming.  They have successfully streamed a full length HD quality movie.

Theorectically, the new WiMax Wave 2 is capable of 37.44Mbps download speeds and 10.08Mbps upload speeds.

In the test, a 700MB movie file was downloaded within just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Using MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Ou

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A ride around Seoul in a WiBro equipped bus


Here’s a video demonstration of WiMax, or WiBro they call it in Korea from 2006…  Sprint will be rolling out with the WiMax in the U.S. soon. (hopefully)

We(Americans) are about 2-3 years behind the WiMax and cellular data technology.  darn it…

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Zero Energy Media Wall in Beijing!


I’ve seens some impressive media walls that does animation in Korea couple years ago but this, this is amazing that it runs on solar power!

The polycrystalline photovoltaic cells are laminated within the glass of the curtain wall and placed with changing density on the entire building’s skin. The density pattern increases building’s performance, allowing natural light when required by interior.

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RINGBO – Riding Robot for Kids from Korea!


Airrobot Ltd. in Korea, has just started selling RINGO robots in Korea on their online store, Toymart.co.kr, for 290,000 won, equal to about $290 USD. They might ship it to the US if you can pay for shipping…

Lol, maybe I can star

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