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Skateboard DIY – How to Ollie on a Skateboard!

You’ve always wanted to learn how to ollie on a skateboard, here’s how to do it:

1. Be in balance at constant speed.

2. Hit the back foot pretty hard while simultaneously jumping and sliding the forward foot up the board. (This should get you airborne)

3. Bring up the knees and finsh nice.

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HDTV Hack – How to Repair your HDTV with a Metal Baseball Bat and some Kneecaps!


Here’s a fun video for the day, a guy fixing his HDTV with a metal baseball bat and some high-flying muai-thai style knees.

WOW… great job, all I can say if you can fix stuff like that.

via gizmodo

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Let your frustration out with the Breakable Golf Club!

A lot golfers who can control their anger usually do so by breaking their golf club over their knees.  Now, here’s a Breakable Golf Club you can break without actually damaging your real clubs. (Why am I excited that Greg Norman is going to win tomorrow?)

The Breakable Golf Club comes with five breakable inserts that screw between the handle and the head. Each insert has a predetermined “Fracture Zone” that’s guaranteed to break cleanly up the middle.

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Keyboard Pants, Always Carry a Functional Keyboard with You!

LAMO, this has to be one of the better inventions using a keyboard.  It doesn’t say, but I suspect it’s wireless right?

Designer Erik De Nijs, has stitched together this eye catching pair of “Beauty and the Geek” jeans. These “modern shaped trousers which are often worn by youngsters..” are the perfect solution for Googling quick exits while running from the fashion police. Built into the knees are a pair of crotch rocking speakers, around the back you have the added convenience of a back poc

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