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DIY Geiger Counter Kit!

We’ve seen a guy who made a DIY Geiger Counter before, for those of you who want to build your own to detect radiation (yes, that what Geiger Counter does, detect radiation, you can read all about it on WikiPedia), you can get this DIY Geiger Counter Kit and build it easily, just some soldering and assemble required.

The DIY Geiger

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DIY Kinetic Horse Kit!


Here’s a really fun DIY Kinetic Horse Kit for you or your curious kids.

This time it’s a kinetic horse made of paper. The final horse is able to gallop, thanks to a small hidden motor inside. This kit is a fairly easy build, but it does take a while to complete.

via make

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EchoMp3 v1.4

Check out this open source EchoMP3 player kit. It look similar to the Make MP3 Daisy player but also supports MMC, not that MMC is used that much these days…

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DIY – Motor Experiment – CUBLOC CB280 with Xylotex Stepper Motor


We’ve been messing around with some industrial stepper motors at work. These Xylotex stepper motors are pretty cool.

We have an example here for interfacing with some CUBLOC modules.

We got the 3-axis stepper kit so we will have a 3 step

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Hands-on with the AtariLab Kit


I’ve been witness to some retro Atari’s you can buy at Target for like 30 bucks. Here’s some cool kits you can actually put sensors and make it act as an MCU.

AtariLab is a sensor kit for the 8-bit Atari computers. I ordered two of the kits recently, the starter kit and the light kit, and they both arrived in pristine condition. They work great with the Atari 130XE, but the light sensor was giving me some random readings (replacing the photoresistor in that wouldn’t be hard). The breakout board attaches to the

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Vex Robotics Kit Review (We bought at 40% off at Radio Shack!)


Well, we just bought the Vex Robotics Kit for like a hundred bucks at Radio Shack while shopping for some parts. Check out the video of what’s inside the kit. Apparently, they are not selling too well at Radio Shack but the kit itself is a great deal and has lots of parts for other projects.

We couldn’t help but to open up the microcontroller box (spelled mirco controller on the box…) and found the PIC18F8520 is powering it. I think we might be able to use the c

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Robot Kit – Parallax Boe-bot

[gv data=”zDIINrRpAqM”][/gv]

Here’s our new boe-bot kit we got yesterday, it looks really cool. You can do some neat stuff like make a infrared sensors so the boe-bot detects objects and uses couple servos to run the wheels.

We are going to start hacking it a little…hopefully we can get one of those RC car motors in it and make it go kinda faster…

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Viper robot Kit using PIC16F876

Here’s a cool viper robot kit for under 100 bucks, which is a pretty good deal for a microcontroller robot. Hmmm…I wonder if Saelig will send me a sample…similar to the Parallax Boe-Bot (Garrett just got one of these, it’s tight!  We are gonna hack it though very soon…)

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