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Spy Hack – How to Make a Motion Sensor Camera!


Here’s a great hack by Kipkay showcasing a motion-triggered spy camera.

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Flashlight Hack – How to Power your Gadgets Using a Crank Flashlight!


Here’s another great hack by KipKay on how to power your gadgets using a crank flashlight.

Very innovative and green indeed, great knowing this before a natural disaster of some sort.

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Halloween DIY – How to make a Spiderman Web Gun!


Here’s another cool Halloween DIY from Kipkay on how to make a spiderman web gun using a compressor and glue gun.


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DIY – How to Make Scanner Camera with your Flatbed Scanner!

Kipkay from Make shows us how to make a Scanner Camera with your flatbed scanner.  Above is a dog taken with the Scanner Camera.  Kind of a nifty way to make interesting images.

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Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos!

As you know, WonderHowTo.com is a great DIY video site and here’s Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos from the How To, Hack, DIY, Mods Video Site:

1) How to Make a Metal

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Collection of Laser Pointer HOWTOs and DIYs!

Collection of Laser Pointer HOWTOs and DIYs!

Here’s a great collection of Laser Pointer HOWTOs and DIYs over at HackNMod.