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Savory Converts PDFs into your Kindle 2!

The Kindle 2 maybe one of the hottest and coolest gadgets this year.  Aside from its magnificent strategies to cut down on number of trees used for making books, the Kindle 2 is portable, energy efficient (with its LCD), and also free broadband connection via EDVO so you can buy and download digital versions of practically every new book that you’d normally get at your local bookstore.

Anyways, the only thing that SUCKS about the Kindle 2 is

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Kindle DIY – How to Add Your Blog RSS as Kindle 2 Monthly Subscription!

The new Kindle 2 allows people to subscribe to your blog via RSS feeds.  It’s a great way to provide your blog feed to Kindle 2 users.  You can also make money so it might not be a bad idea.

Now, if you have been wondering how to add your blog RSS to the new Kindle 2, look no further, here’s how to do it.

Simply sign up for Kindle ePeriodicals using the link below first.  (I just di

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Buy The Kindle 2 at Zedomax Kindle 2 Store!

Well, just for the helluvit, I get these adrenalin rushes when a new thing comes out.

I made a Zedomax Kindle 2 Store here so you can buy it there using Amazons’ Astore feature.

(hopefully haha)

Okay, back to blogging, sorry for the interruption of Kindling around…

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