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DIY HACK – HOW TO Control an Arduino remotely with your browser!


This is kinda cool way to control an LCD hooked up to Ardunino with browsers including your mobile phone.

In conclusion, this code may be pretty ragged, but the concept is what is important and it should be enough to get you started. You obviously can’t do anything too intense with this. It could be used to do some simple but cool things though such as controlling your house from your cell phone, or feeding your dog or cat over the internet, etc. Once again, pleas

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Cigarette Machine uses Face-Recognition Software to detect adults!

Wow…. that’s kinda cool if it works without hackers like me hacking it…

The vending machine has an “adult recognition” button, and when this is pressed a tiny camera takes a photo of the customer and analyzes certain features such as wrinkles and sagging around the eyes and mouth as well as the frame of the potential buyer’s body to determine a general age.

In a test with 500 people ranging in age from their teens to their 60s, this

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YADU to unveil humidifier with air purification function

This one caught my eye… YaDu!!!

Anyway, it’s a simple humidifier w/ air purification basically like the title says. It’s like a SharperImage air purifier except it cleans with water too using the humidifier. Kinda cool concept if it worked exactly what we think it means.

Wow, lots of control buttons…

BEIJING, China (AVING Special Report on ‘CHITEC 2007’) — <Visual News> YADU presen

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UFO Mobile Transformer


Kinda cool random video…great 3D work.

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Super Mario Runeburg


Normally, we don’t post too many games but this one is kinda cool~

via destructoid

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Buy a mattress on our new mattress store!




Yeah, you gotta buy a mattress on our new mattress store! It POPS out of a box! Kinda cool huh?  It’s a spring mattress that is compressedat the factory to be able to fit in a box.

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Midnight Cravings

Here’s some midnight cravings.

Check out the Star Trek that finally got SOLD for 5 times its market value!

Talk about Hybrid cars with solar panels on the roof! I’ve seen some RVs near my neighborhood in SF that are like this but for hybrid cars? It’s not new technology but great re-make of old technology.

I do l

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Maker Faire Live Blogging – ALAVs by Jed Berk!


Check out these Cool ALAVs (Autonomous Light Vessels) by Jed Berk! Tight! It uses Sun Microsystems SunSpot microcontroller, which can be programmed in Java. I like this idea since there’s a lot of Java embedded processors out there but this ones from the creators. Jed tells me that all the pieces were 3D designed on the computer and laser-cut, kinda cool~ 🙂

Jed says,

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Watch as worms make music



Watch as these worms make music, kinda cool~

Here we see an ensemble of worms creating sweet, sweet electroacoustic music on an electric touch contact feedback device (battery powered). No worms were harmed, despite the fact that they appear alarmed. They secrete albumen which is a sort of numbing thing (I think). Anyways, they were hastily removed and now live happily outside once again. I believe that worms will be writing the pop hits of the future.


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History – German Class “52” Locomotive

Wow, check out some of these pictures of German Class “52” Locomotive. Kinda cool if you are into history.

We completed another photo shoot yesterday and made good use of Peter Shaw’s newly completed Class “52 Locomotive, believe me if it looks impressive in the photos it’s even more impressive in the flesh!

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