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Chocolate, Is it Bad for Dogs?

If you are a dog owner, you might have heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs.  Well, according to sources, it is toxic, but not unless the dog eats a certain amount.  In other words, chocolate may have to be treated sorta like alcohol for dogs and do in moderation.

We’ve all heard it, “Don’t give your dog chocolate it will kill him”. We’ll how true is it you’re probably wondering. Do I have to rush him to an emergency vet if he ate one of my M&M’s?

The truth is chocolate contains theobromin

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IKEA PS is a Small Laptop Workstation/Cabinet!

If you are looking to replace your large desk with something that’s more compact, this IKEA PS laptop workstation/cabinet might do the job.

Key features

Combined workstation and storage for laptop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laptop and accessories. Saves space and is easy to place anywhere in your home. The cable outlets inside and at the bottom of the cabinet make it easy to organize cables according to need. The upper space is lockable for safe storage of the contents. An elastic strap keeps your laptop in place during charging. The

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Volkswagon 235MPG Car available in 2010!

This VW can do 235MPG! It’s really small and cramped but hey, the VeeDub gets almost 5 times better mileage than my motorcycle.

The 1L is a lightweight two person vehicle made out of a magnesium frame covered by an unpainted carbon fiber skin. Every component of the vehicle is intended to reduce the vehicles weight. Aluminum brakes, carbon fiber wheels, titanium hubs, and ceramic bearings all contribute to the vehicle’s light weight of a mere 290 kg. To reduce the weight even further, and to increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle, there

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