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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – Brooklyn Brewery is the ‘real’ Green Beer!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Make sure to get that Easter egg and your Irish lunch and dinner.

On a green note, Brooklyn Brewery claims to be the ‘real’ Green Beer with its brewing facility souped up with wind-generated electricity:

Brooklyn Brewery, located on Brewer’s Row in Brooklyn, New York, is one of a handful of breweries around the country that uses sustainable energy when producing its beer.

Its choice of method is wind power,

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Eco Friendly Grass Armchair

Do you need a cool grass chair? Check out this cool eco-friendly grass armchair you can get and grow grass on it.

TERRA by Nucleo. Grass armchair for outdoor use. Die cut cardboard pieces fit together to make the form of an armchair. Fill and cover with dirt, spinkle with grass seeds and water. Grass seeds not included. Assembly required


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World Energy Movement – Do not buy Gas on May 15th and lower gas prices!!!

I’ve been getting several of these messages today, so I figured I might pass it on. Maybe we can make history and make May 15th the day to not buy gas and also use less gas.

DO NOT BUY GAS on the May 15th and let’s see what happens.

Let’s make it a world affair really and make it big!

On the side note, we have a new blog called, Keetsa! Check it out, it’s about eco-friendly and green! We are actually selling some mattresses but before we open our e-store, I figured I’d j

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