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Recommended Jugs

Evolution Mobile Bar lets you take the Party with you!

Here’s the Evolution Mobile Bar, where you can take the party and the booze anywhere with you.  Of course, I think the intended purpose if for commercial uses such as the golf course, where people need instant boozing.

    Made of aluminum with a silver stainless finish Sets up and disassembles easily, in less than 5 minutes Versatile light weight construction allows it to be packed up and stored virtually anywhere Each bar can hold up to (10) 750 ml bottles and (6) 1 liter store and pour jugs Equipped w

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DIY – How to Make LED Cubes!

Wow, here’s a really creative way of making your own LED cubes!

The material used is Smooth-On brand “Clear Flex 95″. This is mainly sold as an industrial product, although smaller quantities (highly recommended! See below for why) may be availble from art supply houses. It comes in 2 separate jugs of syrupy liquid marked PART A and PART B, which are mixed together in a specific ratio by weight.

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