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Home Improvement DIY – How to Make a Window Seat!

For those of you who have kids and you have low-hanging windows that serves no purpose, you can refer to this cool home improvement DIY on how to make window seats for your windows.

I found some canvas baskets to fit the cubbies and added a little ribbon to them.  (I looked pretty much everywhere to find the right size basket for a decent price!)  I bought two big sheets of foam at the craft store to make seat pads, and Jeff helped me cut them to fit.  

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Looks like this kid is gonna get more than just one Xbox.


You know, sometimes people don’t realize the power of the people on the internet.

Above video is where a kid gets an “X” box for Christmas with winter clothes inside it.

I guess Engadget posted this and Microsoft might be sending him a brand new real XBOX with probably more goodies than he can handle.

Great job guys.

We’ve been flooded with email from well-meaning geeks and even Microsoft; just about everyone wants to help us hook up Jonathan. We totally appreciate the sentiment, but we

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