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Jewelry DIY – How to Clean Your Jewelry using Ultrasound!

For those of you still taking your jewelry to the shop for cleaning, there’s a better way and you can do it all at home using one of these awesome Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaners.

you can use one of these Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners that will get rid of dirt and dust particles using 42,000Hz of ultrasonic waves. Not only is this safer but your jewelry will thank you for it.

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Eco Jewelry DIY – How to Make a Necklace with Hemp!

Hemp has been one of the earth’s most valuable resources and can be used for fabrics and alike.  Hemp can be grown everywhere and practically can grow anywhere.  Of course, there’s also the THC-strong substitute also, which is good for something else… 😛

If you have been wondering how to make cool necklace with hemp, you might want to read up on this instructable that shows you how.

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Keep Your Valuables in the Bread Safe!

Keep your valuables in this plastic bread safe to protect your small stuff.  Let burglars sweat the big stuff, not your valuable jewelry or any other small expensive things.

Thieves will never dream of looking in this BREAD SAFE for valuables!

Place this realistic round bread on your table or in your bread box with your most valuable small items inside for safe-keeping.

Recommended by Law Enforcement agencies around the world!

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DIY – How to Make an Egyptian PC Case!

Anyone up for an Egyptian PC case mod???

Looks freakin’ authentic.  Maybe they dugg it out of an actual pyramid…

Conceived and constructed by Chris Kramer (a.k.a “Jadragon”), his EgyptMod PC is detailed with intricate hieroglyphics and encrusted with jewels. I’m especially mesmerized by Eye of Ra detail crafted from brass and inlaid with polished malachite and verisite.

In the QuetzalMod Feathered Serpent case, I suggested that one did n

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Cool magnetic jewelry!


Wow, here’s a cool magnetic jewelry! Thanks Kenji!

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