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Musical Highway!


Check out this highway road in Lancaster, California that makes harmonic noises when you drive over them.

This is a road in Lancaster Ca. that makes music when you drive over it. It was created for a commercial and they designed harmonics in the asphalt to create the music when driven over. Apparently other countries have been doing it for awhile. Unfortunately people complianed and it is being removed. Their probably the same ones who complain about the jets flying through the valley. lol

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World’s Strongest Man Made Tornado Rules!

Watch the vid and see the world’s strongest man made tornade in action!

This must be great way for scientists to discover ways to stop tornados too.

You may have seen this man-made wonder

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The $45,000 Classic Car Couch/Sofa!

This classic car couch/sofa is being sold for about $45,000 on eBay, bidding starts at $39,999.

Up for bid anyone? (Looks like an awesome couch that I’d never buy)

Fred Bailey’s custom designed Car Couch, glossily painted in Sunset Orange Pearl. Fitted with propulsion jets, the perfect interior accoutrement for the would-be Jet Screamer who aspires to reach third ba

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DIY – How to build your own Penny Stove

Check out this howto on making your own Penny Stove for your next camping trip instead of buying one from Wal-mart. It is as powerful as stove top burners!

The Penny jets produce a flame size about the same as those on a Viking stovetop. Obviously Viking thinks that big jets must be an effective way to burn gas and transfer heat to a pot and my tests confirm this. They are also less affected by wind, pot distance, altit

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