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Jet Engine DIY – How to Make Jet Engine!

Although not recommended since jet engines are much more dangerous than car engines (plus added fact that they can blow up without proper maintenance), here’s a cool DIY you can follow to learn making your own jet engine.

What can this be for?

Perhaps you need to build a cool jet-engine powered car like Jay Leno or for your Porsche.

One thing for sure, jet engines provide a wh

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Jay Leno’s EcoJet – Custom Bio-Diesel Jet-Engine Supercar!

Check out Jay Leno’s EcoJet, a bio-diesel and jet-engine powered supercar that can go faster than an actual jet plane!  This is some pretty good stuff.

Jay Leno’s biodiesel-powered EcoJet has recently claimed its fame with its ability to run on biodiesel and at the

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FlatMobile – A jet powered reproduction of ‘The Bat Mobile’




Did we say “Bat Mobile” with a jet engine?  Well the jet engines seems to do nothing more but bust out some flames but still kudos for tryin’.

This crazy, crazy “Flatmobile” is going to enter the Guinness books as the flattest vehicle ever. How flat is it? Nineteen inches. I think that&

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Porsche 928 with Jet Engine!

Porsche 928s are one of my favorite classic Porsches if it’s not “the” favorite. I’d trade a brand new Porsche for a brand new 928 any day.


Well, Porsche 928s are the only “rear-wheeled” porsches and comes with a big fat V8 engine unlike the other twin-turbo Porsches.

Aside from the rear drive power, I do like the fact that these Porsches have a unique look unlike all the other Porsches.

Well, the point of this post isn’t about the on-going love for Porsches in general but this Po

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