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Furniture Made From Jeans!

How would you like to sit on your old jeans that have been rejuvenated back into your livingroom as a sofa?

A Japanese company is doing exactly this, you should note it costs about $400 for them to make you one, but I don’t see why not you can’t do this yourself on your spare time either.

This concept may seem to be a rather strange idea, after denim is not usually associated with furnishings, but in Japan the re-using of materials is a big thing and denim is coming through a good hard wearing and stylish covering for furniture.

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Clothing DIY – How to Make Your Jeans Thinner!



If you have lost weight or simply want to hack your old jeans, here’s a great guide on how to make your jeans thinner.

if you want, this is the point when the jeans can be hemmed to remove any excess length that might cause bunching around the ankle. i already have a pair of ankle-length grey skinny jeans and kind of like the bunchy effect as a change of pace, so I’m leaving my long-n-leans just as long as god made

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Re-use DIY – How to Make a Cut-Out T-Shirt!

Here’s a great way to turn your monotonous T-shirt into a very fashionable cut-out T-shirt using simple tools such as scissors and some planning.

This might be helpful those of you who are struggling in these hard U.S. economic times but still need a new shirt without buying one.

Ever since seeing Zana’s cutout skull sweater by Pleasure Principle, I’ve had a major crush on the label. From their fantastically simple split knee jeans to their knot dress, their designs are extremely covetable. Anyway, to the point of this article (whi

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