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iPhone DIY – How to Jazz Up iPhone 3Gs Videos with Titles and Whatnot!

Here’s a really cool iPhone DIY that shows you how to jazz up iPhone 3Gs videos with iMovie.  I am sure there will be an app for doing this later down the road but until then, you can use this method to quickly make your videos optimized for the iPhone 3Gs.

it’s so easy to do that I decided to whip up a quick tutorial showing how this works. You probably have a tool on your Mac that can do the job for you with just a few clicks, drags, and menu selections. iMovie is the perfect easy tool for creating full feature films (just kidding) from individual scenes shot with the

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How Harmonicas are made!

I, myself, used to play a lot with Harmonicas. Well, remember our post about HarmoNESca couple days ago?

Well, here’s some cool explanation on how Harmonicas are actually made and the workings.

The harmonica, or mouth organ, is a hand-held rectangular musical instrument. As the musician inhales and exhales into evenly spaced air channels, the metal reeds within produce musical tones. The length and thickness of the reed determines the note that is hea

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Wii HACK – Wii Controller LED Mod

Here’s some more cool LED mods for your wii controller.

Here is a simple way to jazz up your Wii classic controller with some LEDs.

“Classic Controller LED mod this mod is for puting led under the sticks

What you’ll need: one classic Controller A Triwing Screwdriver wire snippers or scissors two 3mm L

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Open Flame Physics Experiment, Ruben’s Tube

[gv data=”HpovwbPGEoo”][/gv]

This Ruben’s Tube will mimik your music with sine wave fireworks…awesome!

Watch standing waves being seen as open flames…

via wohba

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