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Skype Intergrated Keyboard

Cool stuff, not that I need it.

With this Buffalo keyboard and built-in Skype phone, otherwise known as the — get ready for it — BKBU-SKJ109/SV, you’ll have everything you need to communicate right in front of you. It’s like a little nerve center for the budding power executive or evil villain.


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1000100101 LCD watch

Wow, check out this new 1000100101 LCD Watch from Japan!  I’d get one if I can just remember the right sequence of 0s and 1s.   I should be able to do this since I do have a Computer Engineering degree… :p

Tokyoflash introduces a black face version of their popular 1000100101 LCD watch. This will display AM/PM, month, date, and day-of-the-week but I can’t figure out how to tell the time on this model.

This is listed in the “coming soon” column at 15,900

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Batteries powered using p…

Here’s some batteries you can power with some human p… You can even use it 3-5 times to re-fuel your batteries!

This is tight, too bad it’s only available in Japan. I’d get one next time I head over there!

In February we talked about a Pee Powered battery that was in the testing phase in Japan. Now it would seem they have made it to the store for the Japanese to buy and use.

NoPoPo (Non-Pollution Power) Aqua Batteries a

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Water Jet Clock


Wow, Japan has some awesome technologies but this one is really really really cool…

John from The Hacker’s Bench has put together a selection of crazy clocks, this water clock that is located in Kanazawa Station is my favorite. It uses jets of water to either display the time or messages. If you know where we can find some more details of the build I would love to hear from you. Make sure you watch the last 5 seconds of the video to see it close-up.


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Aquapict Jellyfish Aquarium


Did you ever wanted to own some Jellyfish? Here’s a cool jellyfish aquarium you can get and watch those stingy bastards all day long, just don’t touch one.

A huge hit in Japan, the Aquapict Jellyfish aquarium shows beautiful color-changing jellyfish swimming as they do in the deep sea, but none of them are real!

ade with highly-realistic silicone, the Aq

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Robot employed as sex club tout

Robots are used as advertising tools for sex shops in Japan? Wow, robots can really be used for somethin’ these dayz…

Robots can get away with things that humans cannot. In the Minami area of Osaka, for example, a humanoid robot dressed in a “sailor suit” high school uniform now works the street as a tout for an adult information center that navigates potential customers to local sex clubs. Humans in Osaka are prohibited by law from engaging in such nefarious activity.


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Cleaning Robot from Japan that even apologizes

Check out this really cool robot that will even apologize to you if he/she bumps into you!

This cleaning robot from Japan can scoot around on its own, cleaning up, and features WiFi and a video camera to keep it connected to home base. It can even apologize when it detects that it’s bumped into a person. Yes, that’s good; train the robots young to fear and revere their human masters. We’ve got to watch our backs, after all.

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Space Travel from Virgin

Virgin is making some space travels available for regular maxes like you and me. Well, actually I’ve been reading about this on Time magazine but Bodin brought it up in his new travel blog, onearthtravel. (wait a minute, isn’t this out of earth?!?)

Anyway, check it out. One day, space travel will be like airplane travel. Pay $500 to goto mars or somethin’

Virgin G

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Sandstorms from China hits Korea

Sandstorms hitting Korea from China has worsened over the last couple years. A Sandstorm can really make a city quicky sandy like the picture above. I remember living in Korea couple years ago but sandstorms weren’t as bad then. Due to China’s exponential growth of factories, pollution, and what not, Koreans are being killed and slaughtered by the mass sandy pollution.

“There is an increasing possibility that yellow dust will appear some time between Thursday night and Friday,” South Korea’s Meteorological Administra

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Gadget Time – Koban’s SP-220E plays music, detects earthquakes


Check this out audio gadget that also detects earthquakes.  This might be good for zedomax as we are

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