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Owl USB gives you hours of Owling Fun!


At $22 USD, the Owl USB from Japan gives you hours of owling fun while you are working on your computer.

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Zojirushi Rice Cookers are the Best in the World!

When it comes to cooking rice, there’s no substitute for Zojirushi rice cooker from Japan.  Even as a Korean American who has lived in Korea for almost 1/3 of his life, Zorirushi is widely accepted even by Koreans as the best rice cooker.

You see all those “other” American rice cookers and they are all junk.  Now you can say anything about other gadgets but this one, I am right.   (But then again, this

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Female Humanoid Robot from Sega that can “kiss”!

I don’t get the point of getting kissed my a robot but here’s a female humanoid robot that can do that. Maybe they should add “tongues” for version two for some French kisses.

Sega Toys is gearing up to roll out a new humanoid robot in Japan, E.M.A., on September 26th. E.M.A. stands for “Eternal, Maiden, Actualization” and EMA is a female, not the first female rbot. She stands 38 cm tall and boasts of a “glamorous body” and high level of interactivity. The robot can hand out business cards, it can si

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Funny but necessary Women’s Toilet Device!


Here’s a cool device to protect women of Japan while they fart and whatnot…

[A] device called Oto-hime … makes a chirping sound when ladies use the toilet, because Japanese women hate the idea of anyone being able to hear any sounds they make while they go. Before the device was introduced in the 1980s, it seems that female patrons in restraunts would flush the toilet multiple times to mask the sounds, which wasted an incredible amount of water…

Here’s a video of how they work. Just wave your

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Sony’s new 360 degree Glass Speaker!

Check out this 360 degree glasss speaker from Sony.  It won’t be available here in the US for awhile but still…it looks cool and I bet the sound is good too.

Sony announced the launch of its unique glass speaker system named Sauntina (model: NSA-PF1). It vibrates with a single three-dimensional depth, producing clear sound in 360 degrees. The glass tube can also be illuminated with the choice of three colors including blue, amber and purple. 360 degree sound is not a big deal and can be achieved easily using normal speakers too, but th

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Air Conditioning Add-on for your Chair!

Oh my God!  I saw this and told myself this is exactly what I’ve needed for years!  It’s an air conditioning add-on for your shair so you can cool your butt while you work, drive, etc…etc…

It seems like it’s only available in Japan right now, maybe I get a couple next time I head over to Japan.  (I’ve only been to the Narita Airport so we will see…)

Kuchofuku has developed Suzukaze air conditioned seat cushion as its newest product. Kuchofuku located in Japan is famous for developing air condition

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Sony PSP GPS Dongle for Japan!

Well, Sony PSP GPS dongle does look pretty impressive, now you have more reasons to mount it on your car besides the fact that in the US, laws were passed so you can mount your GPS.

Today Sony’s PSP guys gave us a heads-up on what’s next for the portable. Two years after launching in Japan

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Solar Powered Brasserie!

Triumph, a world class lingerie company out of Japan, has just introduced a new solar powered bra that displays messages with the power of the sun. This must be for promoting companies not for consumers. Neverthless, it’s a cool device indeed for men who watch the women who wear it.

The world famous bra company Triumph have come up with a revolutionary new type of bra. This is solar powered, which means

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Browse and Clean your Desk with the USB Cleaner Mouse!

Just like the Robo Vacuum, this USB device/mouse cleans your desk.  Sounds like a much better deal if you can click and clean your desk.

The USB Cleaner Mouse is both a normal computer mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel and a tiny vacuum cleaner that keeps your desktop clean by only pressing one button that’s located on the lower right side of the mouse. The dust is kept inside a small compartment untill you decide to empty it.

It looks a little wierd an

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Crank MP3 from Japan!

Here’s a cool lookin’ MP3 you can crank to re-charge the battery.  Crank for about 10 minutes and you get 50 minutes of playing power.  Of course, the MP3 can also be re-charged via USB.   Now, THIS is what iPod  needs, ability to crank it up.

Sure, you can sit on the train and twiddle your crank but to save you from such embarrassing moments, this does allow for recharge via U

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