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Instrument DIY – How to Make a Marimba!

Marimba may be one of the coolest musical instruments on earth today with its ability to make relaxing beach-resort sounds.  Well, you don’t have to wait until you are in Jamaica to hear the Marimba, you can build your own like this guy did. – link

I am a mallet percussionist who loves the marimba. About four years ago I had a problem. Though I loved percussion, I had no way of practicing at home. There were cheap opti

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Jamaica DIY – How to Skank!


Here’s a fun video on how to skank from back in the 1940s.  Hilarious.

Here’s a fun skanking lesson from 1964. It’s at the legendary Sombrero Club in Jamaica. On stage are Byron Lee and the Dragonaires.

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