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iTunes Hack – How to Make Your Own iTunes LP!

Number one reason I despise Apple’s philosophy (and have a big grudge about) is their propreitary format including the iPod/iPhones, it might make perfect sense for Apple to monopolize the market (and create their own eco-system) but at the same time, it brings everyone else in the world (who’s manufacturing to MP3 standards) down.

I don’t think I can change their philosophy and most Apple fanboys enjoy their toys more to care for that kind of stuff but here’s how to create your own iTunes LP, the newest iTunes format.  If you can beat them, hack them

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iTunes Hack – How to Hack iTunes LP!

Rejoice, iTunes users, you can now officially hack iTunes LP! (You will have to donate though)

Almost immediately upon its release, folks set about dismantling the iTunes LP format and found that it largely consists of an unprotected combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

via hackaday

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