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Asus Laptop with an embedded Projector!

Whoa! This is a great idea! Watch as every laptop manufacturer start making a projector a necessary feature.

No details on the resolution or brightness were available, but from the photo we snapped at Computex in Taiwan, it’s apparent that the current iteration will be viable only in total darkness. Moreover, the top bezel of the LCD is so wide, it results in a 12.1-inch portable having a 15.4-inch footprint.

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DIY Beer Brewer!

As much as I drink beer, I need a neat setup like this DIY Beer Brewer so I can keep drinking my own home-brewed beer.  But I don’t think it will fit in my 1 bedroom apartment.  Darn it!

Thus, the NanoBrewMaster—an all-in-one, computer-controlled brewing system that takes your beer from wort boil to frosty pour. It’s the creation of PopSci staff photographer and resident crazy-project-builder John Carnett, who dreamt and built a first iteration of the device that

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CES 2008 – Bill Gates Interview

Check out the interview with Bill Gates on SiteHoppin. Interesting.

In the first segment of our Bill Gates CES 2008 interview, we asked the difference between Apple’s approach and Microsoft’s approach when it comes to product releases. Apple steers clear of products that might be iffy in their first iteration—portable music rentals; DVR—whereas Microsoft rolls out stuff that may not be quite ready. B

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