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DIY Lego MP3 Player!

Check out this cool DIY Lego MP3 Player from Italy!  Nice work, looks like they did a good job.

During the Nuremberg Toy Fair I spotted the new version of the uber geek Lego Mindstorms NXT22 and some danish bricks gadgets like the Lego Camcorder, a colorful photo camera and this MP3 player. The cam and the photo camera seems ready to be marketed but seem that the Lego designers still got a lot of work to do on the MP3 player and its speakers…

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Italian Police Lamborghini!


If you ever decide to be a cop, make sure to apply for an Italian citizen, then work for the police station that lets you drive one of these Lamborghinis. (I heard they had Lamborghini police cars in Arizona too but this one is better)

I imagine they need this for catching those heroin/drug exporters in Italy.  (Well, they could’ve probably got 100 regular police cars instead though…)

Somehow the Lamborghini techs have managed to integrate all the gear that modern police officer

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DIY 2D Pen lets you spend time just building the damn thing!

Check out this compeltely useless 2D pen that lets you spend a lot of time just making the thing.  Of course, if you never succeed in making the 2D pen into a 3D one, you might have to take more time to re-assemble it until you get it right.

Our verdict?

Just go buy a regular pen but this DIY 2D pen is a cool concept.  For traveling, you might be able to stick a piece of this 2-D pen for slimmer travel.

Innovative and unique, the Falter 2D pen makes you work for your ink. The “assembly kit” comes with a flat piece of iro

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[gv data=”vBBK2xkuCGY “][/gv]

Wow check out this Wifi CAN TV. Here’s a way you can make your own WiFi video station. This could possibly very helpful for schools who are trying to setup their own video streaming classes.

This device is helping to deliver TV on the cheap. For about $34.00 you could build your own. Read more about the WiFi Can TV at Geekcorps. If you are interesting in building your own check out the

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