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Localhost Doormat

If you are a network manager or likes to mess with network stuff, you know what this localhost Doormat is for. ( For your home, of course!)

For those of you non-network IT managers, is the IP address of Localhost on a computer or server. You can do a test in DOS command line, “ping”, and see if your network card is workin’


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IP in Your Email, get your external IP and send it to any email

Here’s a cool blog I came across on our new wagg.it site. It’s a custom application that will send email containing current external IP address to a specified email address automatically at set intervals.

Why do you need this?

I used to work as a network administrator at a company and had issues with DDNS (dynamic DNS) addresses wher

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Zedomax DIY Quickie – HOWTO make your wireless network faster!


Okay, this one is very simple. First, download from Network Stumbler’s website.

Then install it and find out which channels other wireless networks in your neighborhood are on. Then select a channel that is not near anyone else’s channels. This little tip I got when I used to work as an IT manager did help when our company network was in the same wireless channel as 20 other companies. Of course, this might

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