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HACK – HOWTO hack an Ipod vending machine for a free Ipod if you are broke!

Remember we had a post on the Ipod vending machine? Well here’s some guys who’ve already hacked it! Well, try not to hack one since there might be cameras around, just make sure to wear a mask or somethin’~ Well, just kidding, don’t do things like that. Remember the world is fair, what you steal, you always get it stolen

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IPOD Vending machine, buy IPOD Nano or IPOD video


I was at the Serramonte mall near Daly City, CA yesterday and ran into this next to Starbucks. It’s really cool, all you need is a credit card and you can buy one of these IPOD nano or IPOD Video. Well, ipods are getting very popular…

Sorry for the crappy resolution, I took it with my phone… 🙂

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