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iPod Touch Hack – How to Hack an iPod Touch without Knowing the Password!


For those of you who either forgot your iPod Touch password (or happened to pick up a free iPod Touch on the streets somewhere although I highly advise you to try to return it to the owner for karma), there’s a real simple way to hack your iPod Touch without knowing the password, by restoring it to its factory state.

To do this, make sure your iPod Touch is connected to your computer and iTunes is turned on.

Then hold down the center button and the power button together for about 20 seconds. This should put your iPod To

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SiteHoppin’ Entrecard Tech Blogs – DIY HACK – How to resolve low disk space error in iPod Touch!

I’ve summed up all the tech blog on Entrecard on SiteHoppin so you can use the following link to “site hop” tech blogs:


We will be doing a special, “Site Hoppin’” through all Entrecard tech blogs and (hopefully) get an interesting post per each one.

Here’s a c

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DIY HACK – HOWTO Use your iPod Touch as VOIP Phone!!!



Well, this isn’t actually a howto but it’s such a great hack, we had to the title. Watch the videos as the authors hack it into a VOIP phone.

via Makezine

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