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Stylus Hack – How to Use Battery as iPhone/Nexus One Stylus!


I just found this video online of South Korean guy who got tired of using his Korean sausage as stylus, he found out that you can use a battery as stylus.  I think this is a great idea except it might scratch your screen.

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Sausage DIY – Korean Sausage Works Well as iPhone Stylus!

Yesterday I read on Kottke.org that South Koreans have been using Korean sausages as iPhone stylus and sausage sales in Korea has gone up tremendously.  You know it’s below freezing in Korea right now and snowing everywhere.  People didn’t want to take their gloves off and figured out sausages can substitute their fingers well.

Since I am Korean food addict and I go to the biggest Korean market in America (I think), I had to try it myself and indeed, Korean sausages work perfect because they are th

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