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iPhone HACK – Get the latest Jailbreak v.1.1.2 and hack your iPhone!

Check out this cool new Jailbreak v.1.1.2 for your iPhone. I am not sure what kind of features you get for installing this Jailbreak OS but does seem like a fun thing to do if you have couple iPhones laying around.

Conceited Software has just released an updated version of “TouchFree” GUI based to Jailbreak the latest iPhone firmware v1.1.2 and now works on Windows as well as both Mac (though Intel-based only).

However, the catch here is that for it to work you need to first run OktoPrep on iPhone v

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more iPhone HACKS from Hackszine via Makezine!

Well, you know we’ve always try to be on top of hacks such as wii hack or iPhone hacks. (Yes, we do try to get on google on purpose so don’t blame us if you see zedomax while searching for iPhone hacks in the future.)

Here’s some cool hacks Hackszine guys posted! Hackers rule the world!

The other end of things is

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iPhone HACK – How to replace the iPhone screen!


Here’s a cool video of taking your iPhone apart as soon as you get it. I don’t know if you will have to replace the screen anytime soon but it’s good to know there’s instructions out there already.

Apple iPhone screen replacement and take apart how to directions. Step by step on how to disassemble the apple iphone

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