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Apple Attacks Droid X Antenna with a “Death Grip”!


Recently, Apple attacked Droid X, posting a video on their YouTube channel showing the death grip on the Droid X.

Needlessly to say, it’s coming from Apple and they are still missing the most important point, that iPhone 4’s antenna reception problems happen when you only place a finger on the antenna gap.

Besides that, Apple is participating in deceptive acts or practices by manipulating the Droid X antenna tes

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Customer Talks to Steve Jobs about iPhone 4 Antenna Reception Problems!


In a sequel to the video I made last night, here’s an iPhone 4 customer talking to Steve Jobs about the iPhone 4 antenna reception problems.

Ultimately, the customer is disgusted at Steve Jobs poor response, decides to get an HTC Evo 4G instead.

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How to to Fix iPhone 4 Reception Problems with Rubber Bracelet!

It seems like “fix” for iPhone 4’s antenna flaw reception problems are popping up everywhere.  Here’s the latest suggestion involving a rubber bracelet around your iPhone 4.   Apparently, it fits perfectly and guards you against shortening the two antenna together.

You can buy them cheap on Amazon here.

via lifehacker

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What Hitler Said About iPhone 4 Reception! [Humor]


Here’s what Hitler says about iPhone 4 reception, he’s switching to Android.

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iPhone 4 Screen Fragile and Bad Reception!


Here’s another video showing how fragile iPhone 4 screen is and how bad the reception is by a YouTube user.

I just want everyone to know, even Apple fanboys, not to be fooled by Apple’s genius marketing.  Obviously the screen is very fragile

Also see

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iPhone 4 is Reception AND Transmission Flaw in Hardware!


Here’s a YouTube user who shows you that iPhone 4’s recent hardware flaw is not only reception problem but also transmission.

This is becoming a bigger problem among iPhone 4 users and really, FTC should step in and stop selling iPhone 4s to the public until Apple can prove that iPhone 4 can make calls regardless of how you hold it. (Or at least it should work in your palms, don’t you think so?)

We as consumers are simply tired of Apple’s antics. This is serious issue if yo

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